Crimson Lion Entertainment is laser-focused on delivering the best gaming experience possible.

About us

We're a team of experienced game developers and movie producers working in tandem in order to deliver the best gaming experience around. At heart we are gamers and like most other gamers around the globe, we had our fair share of disappointments when it came down to the development process of our favorite games, as well as the communication between players and devs. This is why our biggest goal, aside from making amazing games, is to put both community and solid communication as our highest priority. We believe that we can craft breathtaking virtual worlds by working together with players because after all, we are creating our games for them. These are the values Crimson Lion Entertainment will always stand by.

Our Games

Rescue Operations Simulator 

Become a Rescue Operator! Take action in large-scale disasters, lead your team of rescue experts and save lives!

Pet Hotel
Ever dreamed of having your own pet hotel? Design, build and manage a place where pets can feel like at home.

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